Guatemala Day Trips and Adventure Tours

For those who have a short time in Guatemala or just want to see a sampling of everything, we make all this possible. We all have a bit of an “explorer” inside of us that never goes away. We are always attracted to seeing new places, learning new things and meeting new people. It refreshes our soul to explore. There is something “special” about heading down a new adventure for the first time. Guatemala offers so many opportunities for exploration. Our towns and villages are brimming with things to do and people to meet that you may or may not know about.
With that thought in mind, we have decided to put together some fantastic day trips that allow to see what’s happening in the small towns and out some of the way places in Guatemala. Perhaps you want to go day to go to the lake or maybe shopping is more your style. We promise that we can provide you with some of the most memorable adventures. We are bringing to you some of our favorite things to see. And we are constantly adding more. If you have a favorite we have not included yet or something off the beaten path, We can design a trip according to your needs, desires and of course budget.