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Cerro de la Cruz a Look out over Antigua Guatemala!

Cerro de la Cruz (Look Out) In the hills north of Antigua is Cerro de la Cruz a large cross constructed on a hillside overlooking Antigua. This giant stone cross, from which there are sweeping views south over the city with Agua Volcano in the background. This is a great spot for a higher vantage point of the city, you can truly get an amazing view! Take advantage of the photo opportunity known as Cerro de la Cruz you will not be disappointedCerro de la Cruz - Antigua Guatemala.

Earth Lodge an off the beaten path Jewel

The team at GuatemalanGuide especially lead tour guide Carlos Mijanos loves to find  and take clients to the places that are found of the beaten path. One of those such places is the Earth Lodge in Guatemala. Darrin and Anessa from Texas took the challenge and  had dinner with Carlos. This amazing jewel  is just twenty minutes and 6000 feet into the mountains above Antigua, Earth Lodge is a unique and wonderful natural retreat.EarthLodge_GuatemalanGuide

Breakfast and lunch are served from 8am-3pm (they range from 20-50Q depending on what is ordered) and dinner is served between 7-7:30 pm each night (60Q per person). They have a full bar with happy hour each night plus plenty of non alcoholic options. Travellers love the family style dinners and friendly atmosphere. Please call or email ahead as spots are limited.

Or maybe for the full experience  you can stay for the night. Wake up to stunning views of the volcanoes and cities below as the sun casts its first light over the valley. Then spend the day swinging lazily in a hammock or hiking the hills while Volcan Fuego puffs smoke in the distance. At night enjoy our famous cooking, then curl up in front of the fire with good book.

The GuatemalanGuide team can assist you with reservations and transportation to this little hide away! Just another sampling of what the beautiful country of Guatemala has to offer.

Earth Lodge Guatemala 1

Campfire pit at Earth Lodge Guatemala

More information Earth Lodge can be found on there website:

Guatemalan Guide Travel Solutions in Central America

The tour guides at GuatemalanGuide have many years of collective experience traveling in Guatemala and throughout Central America.

Our services are not limited to transportation; we make flight arrangements, hotel reservations, customized guided tours, and much more. Highlights include:
Our base is located in Antigua, the most famous town in all of Guatemala
We are certified by INGUAT, the Guatemalan Tourist Commission
We know the ins-and-outs of our country very well
We fit our services to meet your budget
We have the best prices in Guatemala
We take you to many different locations to explore all that Guatemala has to offer
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We LOVE our country and we LOVE to share it with you!

Guatemalan Guide Carlos Mijangos

Ruins of Tikal National Park

Tikal Ruins, Flores GuatemalaThe most famous of all Maya sites, Tikal was also the economic and warfar super power of The Classic Maya world, and the largest City in América during the Classic era over 1000 years ago. Amongst the many Maya sites in Central America, Tikal is perhaps the most breathtaking because of the scattered impressive buildings which have been restored in an area with many more ruined buildings still enveloped by the jungle.

Many beautiful buildings have been uncovered and many more wait to be discovered.  Tikal National Park, that was created in 1955; it was the first national park in Guatemala and it was declared in 1979 as the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Monument.Guatemalan Guide Tikal Ruins Guatemala

The ruins of Tikal include more than 3,000 structures extending over six square miles and including palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, ball courts, terraces, plazas, avenues and steam baths. The ancient Maya began building Tikal around 600 B.C., and for the next 1500 years the area was an important religious, scientific, and political center.

Located about half an hour from the entrance of the National Park is the charming town of Flores, with its pastel-colored buildings, enjoys a scenic setting on Lake Peten Itza.and serves as a gateway to explore the immediate area. Tikal Custom Tours Guatemalan Guide

Communal wash basins in the city of La Antigua

In the center  of Antigua is a big wash basin where the women from all over who don´t have running water at their houses bring their clothes to wash them. Communal wash basins in the city of La Antigua, Guatemala still in use despite the availability of water in many of the municipal dwellings.La Antigua Guatemala wash basin

For the most part, these washing areas are used for clothing however sometimes other objects being cleansed here too. With the advent of city water mains and lines being extended to more homes in the past decade, fewer natives are having to tote cumbersome loads distances from their homes. This giant water feature in Antigua has a covered walkway on the left side. Inside of that area are large wash basins where locals can wash items. These ancient washbasins in Antigua, Guatemala, are still in use by some of the local native population. In 1950, Antigua has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Guatemala Celebrates Semana Santa – Holy Week

Semana Santa is the Spanish term for Holy Week, the week preceding Easter in the Catholic calendar.  Semana Santa commemorates the last week of Jesus’ life, beginning with His arrival in Jerusalem, celebrated on Palm Sunday, and culminating in His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.Alfombra is the Spanish word for “carpet”
Guatemala is alive during the entire season of lent, processions and  Alfombra’s is the Spanish word for “carpet” and that’s exactly what these temporary, organic pieces of street art are meant to be–fancy carpets that pave the way for elaborate Semana Santa floats. Guatemala is nearly 90 percent Catholic, so this religious holiday takes on a special meaning that the entire community shares and participates in
Antigua Guatemala - Semana SantaGuatemala and many other Catholic Spanish-speaking countries are known for their elaborate processions and celebrations during Semana Santa. For more information about this amazing event be sure to check out:


Guatemala a Jewel in Latin America

Guatemala has to be the most colorful country in Latin America and second only to Peru in all the Americas. It offers an amazing jungles, gorgeous smoking volcanic landscapes, wildlife crammed rain forests, magnificent colonial towns, and friendly indigenous people with many traditional customs. It’s also good value, relatively undeveloped and if you go in the right season has a climate that is just short of perfect!Chicken Bus Antigua Guatemala

Combine the Mayan sites, colonial architecture, and indigenous cultures of Guatemala Antigua is the Paris of the Mayan world. Idyllic Antigua where cobblestone streets and restored churches contribute to its alluring charm.
Continue to the deepest lake in Central America, Lake Atitlan, surrounded by a trio of volcanoes. Travel to Flores and the unspoiled Lake Peten Itza. Enjoy a private guided tour of Mayan ruins at both Yaxha and Tikal, a crown jewel rising above the jungle canopy.

This wonderful country combines colonial splendors and stunning highlands with the mysterious Mayan ruins in the north. Guatemala makes for a great get way for relaxation by the beach or hike on the side of an active volcano. Call or me today to get started!!

Antigua Guatemala Horse Carraige Ride

Guatemalan Kids Singing and Dancing

A group of children in traditional Guatemalan dress entertain with singing. Music is a mixture of Mayan,Spanish and English.