Communal wash basins in the city of La Antigua

In the center  of Antigua is a big wash basin where the women from all over who don´t have running water at their houses bring their clothes to wash them. Communal wash basins in the city of La Antigua, Guatemala still in use despite the availability of water in many of the municipal dwellings.La Antigua Guatemala wash basin

For the most part, these washing areas are used for clothing however sometimes other objects being cleansed here too. With the advent of city water mains and lines being extended to more homes in the past decade, fewer natives are having to tote cumbersome loads distances from their homes. This giant water feature in Antigua has a covered walkway on the left side. Inside of that area are large wash basins where locals can wash items. These ancient washbasins in Antigua, Guatemala, are still in use by some of the local native population. In 1950, Antigua has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.